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Banff Hotels and Activities

Banff, Alberta Canada

75 Hotels

23 Activities

Kicking Horse River Whitewater Rafting

Mild Whitewater Rafting Adventure

Banff City Sightseeing Tour

Rocky Mountains Tour: Banff to Jasper

Columbia Icefield Tour from Banff

Mountain Lakes and Waterfalls Day Trip from Banff

Banff Airport and Resort Connector

Banff Self-Guided Driving Tour with GPS Navigation

Classic Hikes from Banff

Summer Tour: Banff and its Wildlife

Winter Tour: Banff and its Wildlife

Discover Grizzly Bears from Banff

Nighttime Johnston Canyon Adventure from Banff

Evening Wildlife Safari

Grotto Canyon Icewalk

Athabasca Glacier Snow Trip from Banff

Johnston Canyon Icewalk

Lake Louise and Moraine Lake Tour

Private Tour: Canadian Rockies Romance Helicopter Tour

Helicopter Tour over the Canadian Rockies

Covered Wagon or Horseback Ride in Banff with Western Cookout

Horseback-Riding Tour in Banff with Optional BBQ Lunch

Horse-Drawn Sleigh Ride in Banff