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Funchal Hotels and Activities

Funchal, Madeira Island Portugal

163 Hotels

10 Activities

Half Day Traditions and Enchanting Valleys - Eira do Serrado, Curral das Freiras, Monte, Madeira Wine Tasting

Full Day East Madeira - Camacha, Pico do Ariero, Ribeiro Frio, Portela, Santana

Grand Madeira Island Tour - Porto Moniz and Santana

Madeira Nights Tour - Dinner and Show

Madeira Shared Arrival Transfer

Madeira Shared Departure Transfer

Half Day Fauna and Flora Tour to Laurel Forest - Birdwatching and Hiking

Full Day Birdwatching Tour - West Madeira Island

Half Day Birdwatching Tour - East Madeira Island

Funchal City Hop-on Hop-off Tour