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Puerto Plata Hotels and Activities

Puerto Plata, North Dominican Republic

24 Hotels

17 Activities

Puerto Plata City Tour with Cable Car Ride

Santiago and Jarabacoa Waterfalls

Bay of Sosua Catamaran Cruise and Snorkeling

Dominican Outback Safari

Shared Round-Trip Transfer: Puerto Plata International Airport

Puerto Plata Dune Buggy Adventure

Cayo Paraiso Deserted Island Tour from Puerto Plata

Puerto Plata Luxury Yacht Cruise to Punta Rusia and Cayo Paraiso

Zipline and Horseback Riding Combination Tour in Puerto Plata

Ocean World Puerto Plata Day Pass

Dolphin Encounter at Ocean World

Ocean World Dolphin Swim

Ocean World Puerto Plata - Bravissimo Show and Dinner Package

Sea Lion Encounter at Ocean World

Shark and Stingray Encounter at Ocean World

Combination Dolphin and Sea Lion Encounter

Dolphin, Shark and Stingray Encounter Combo in Puerto Plata