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Sarawak Hotels and Activities

Sarawak, Sabah and Sarawak Malaysia

65 Hotels

14 Activities

Kuching City and Heritage Tour

Traditional Bidayuh Village Bamboo Longhouse Tour from Kuching

Semenggok Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre Tour from Kuching

Sarawak Cultural Village Tour from Kuching

Bako National Park Full-Day Tour from Kuching

Satang Island Turtle Conservation and Snorkeling Day Trip from Kuching

Matang Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre and Kubah National Park Tour from Kuching

Rafflesia Flower and Gunung Gading National Park Safari from Kuching

2-Day Private Tour from Kuching: Cultural Experience in Serubah Village

3-Day Small-Group Sarawak Tour from Kuching: Longhouse Experience in Batang Ai

Kuching Shared Arrival Transfer: Airport to Hotel

Private Arrival Transfer: Kuching International Airport to Hotel

Kuching Shared Departure Transfer: Hotel to Airport

Private Departure Transfer: Hotel to Kuching International Airport