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St Johns Hotels and Activities

St Johns, Antigua Antigua and Barbuda

28 Hotels

17 Activities

Antigua Roundtrip Airport Transfer

Barbuda Day Tour

Bird Island Snorkel

Cades Reef Snorkel Cruise

City of St John's Sightseeing Tour

Antigua Helicopter Tour

Island Safari 4x4 Discovery Tour from St John's

Round Island Tour

Snorkel and Kayak Adventure in Antigua

Antigua Shore Excursion: City of St John's Sightseeing Tour

Antigua Shore Excursion: Round Island Tour

Shirley Heights Lookout

Island Safari and Stingray Fantasy Antigua

Fort James and Beach Horseback Ride from St John's

Prickly Pear Island Half-Day Trip by Boat from St John's with Snorkeling

Fort James Segway Tour in St John's

Antigua Zipline Canopy Adventure from St John’s